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The birth of Skin Hug Soapery

It's been a crazy few years and life for many of us is now quite different to those pre-pandemic days. I used to think I washed my hands quite regularly but definitely stepped up the hand washing back in early 2020. The result of this was sore, dry, chapped hands. Having been interested in aromatherapy and natural products for years, and also consciously making the swap from plastic to zero waste products around the home, I decided to start to make my own soap.

After plenty of research, online tutorials, buying of recipe books (it’s a bit like cooking) and watching a ton of youtube video's my niece and I made our first batch of cold process soap in March 2020. Luckily it was a success, lathered really well and most importantly, my hands loved the Shea and Cocoa butter used in the recipe. We quickly came to love making skin friendly, nourishing soap and experimenting with different ingredients. We’ve tested all of the soaps in our range on ourselves and do not use any artificial detergents, SLE, SLES, Parabens or any other nasties. From the outset I also knew I would not use any artificial fragrances, we only use essential oils and make sure the usage rates are safe.

The first ever soap we made was coconut milk and orange and it's become a firm favourite. I'm a sucker for anything with Sweet Orange essential oil in it!

We decided to start a small business as we’ve been bitten by the soap making bug – it’s a common phenomenon apparently! We’ve had lots of fun along the way, our logo is actually mine and my nieces had prints and features an Isle of Wight cut out to remind us of our roots. We’ve tried out lots of different recipes before deciding on our final collections and had these cosmetic safety assessed. We want to share with you what we think is a quality natural soap & shampoo range which will make your skin happy. We also want to keep crafting soap without our shelves becoming totally overwhelmed and creaking from all the soap we love to make so starting to sell our gentle, nourishing soaps seemed like a great idea and now the Skin Hug Soapery has arrived.

We look forward to telling you more about our ingredient choices in future blogs as well as new techniques, moulds and recipes that we are working on. We hope you enjoy using our soap as much as we do.

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