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All about us

We are a small family business living and working in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Our business started due to our love of handcrafting and learning new skills. Initially this was going to be for friends and family as we had created lots of different soaps which are extra kind to your skin, but we thought the kindest thing we could do was to share our soaps with a wider audience! We only use natural, quality ingredients and only make small batches each time to ensure our soap and shampoos are always high quality to give your skin a gentle hug.  



We want to start a soap revolution where people are using skin care and washing products which don't pollute the environment or create unnecessary waste. We want people to recognise how good soap can feel, how beneficial natural products can be and for everyone to be able to have some affordable, everyday luxury which gives their skin a gentle hug. 


We believe what we use on our skin should not cost the earth.  We want our products to have a low impact on the environment and a positive impact on our bodies. 

Hancrafted aloe vera and lemon myrtle soap in carved wooden hands
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